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Welcome to Eastminster ERIE!

Our purpose is Celebrating, Sharing, & Connecting God's Love

with Our Community.   We invite YOU to journey with us!

Worship at Eastminster...

Worship starts Sunday morning at 10:30 AM
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Our faith is a
 Faith in Motion

God Calls Us to be a Community of Servants

Picture of our Bhutanese neighbors working the garden plots at the church.
Community Service
Picture of a dear recipient of one of the handmade, knitted prayer shawls.

Supporting  Our Community

We're on a roll!

Exercising our Faith

Comforting Our Community

Recent Sermons

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Image by NOAA


I was watching a Diane Sawyer interview the other night, in fact, I really just caught the last forty-five minutes of it, about the terrible accident suffered by the actor Jeremy Renner. You may know Jeremy’s work as he has acted in many movies, including "Mission Impossible..."

Image by Brett Jordan

Choose Mercy

God brings order to chaos. The earth was empty and without form, but God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. Our Creator is always bringing order to disorder. After mankind’s fall into sin, our ancient ancestors, acting no different than we would, made a real mess of things as they followed their desires and listened to the lies of those that rebelled against God in the spiritual realm.

Image by Md Mahdi

Don't Doubt It - Trust.

Don’t be a doubting Thomas. Many people know the saying, but how many know from where the saying came? As with many things in our culture, stories, quotes, and wisdom sayings are used in everyday speech, without having even the slightest notion, that these things originated in Scripture. The blind leading the blind, suffer fools gladly...

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