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Children Praying

Kids for Christ

Jesus said,

“Let the little children come to me.

Don’t stop them,

because the kingdom of heaven belongs to people

who are like these children.”



We ❤️ Jesus!

Our Kids made a gorgeous painting for the intermediate youth room recently. It illustrates that Jesus Christ is the center of our lives, and He is near us all through faith!  

Doug's children.jpg

Kids for CHRISTmas

Our church instills in our youngest disciples that Christmas time is not about "the gimmees." We celebrate because God's Son, Jesus, was born to us!


A Boy Who Became King!

Our Kids learned the Bible story about Josiah ~ the boy who became king. We watched a video that told the story. We played a game and we talked about obeying rules.  What kind of rules do you have at home? Why? What kind of rules does God have for us? Why?


Let's Pretend: King or Queen?

Building on the Bible's story about the boy-king Josiah, our craft was making crowns. We explored what it might be like to be a royal ruler at such a young age. 

Bring up your children to know God.

Then, they will grow up to know life is
not about getting money and buying stuff.

True life is about worshipping
and enjoying God,
through His Son, Jesus Christ.

Kids For Christ: Sundays 10 am !
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